Dr. Cyriacks is a specialist in locating, and correcting the Vetebral Subluxation Complex (commonly referred to by chiropractors as a subluxation)  It is the only condition that he treats.  In his professional opinion subluxations wreak havoc on the human body causing a chain reaction of dysfunction that often goes unnoticed for months-sometimes years-until symptoms show up.  Very frequently his patients come to the office with conditions that are directly linked to the subluxation just like the first chiropractic patient, Mr. Harvey Lillard.  Other times, however, the condition is not associated to the spine, but the patient receives other benefits from being subluxation free such as better sleep, less anxious, no more headaches, not constipated any more, etc.

A subluxation (Vertebral Subluxation Complex) is a term chiropractors use to describe a biomechanical dysfunction of the spine. This dysfunction usually has corresponding physiological, muscular and neurological components.  Chiropractors assert that subluxations result in a decrease of normal function in our bodies, resulting in a decrease in health.subluxations_explained

Our spines have 24 movable bones called vertebrae. These vertebrae stack up one upon another and protect the spinal cord, as well as form the axis of our skeleton.  Like any machine with many moving parts, occasionally one of these parts misaligns or wears out.  This sometimes causes a chain reaction of malfunction and the pathway to dis-ease begins.  In the experience of many chiropractors, the ailment that results from a subluxated vertebra can manifest itself in a variety of ways, ranging from full blown sciatica, headaches, ear infections, asthma and constipation, to lack of energy.  Chiropractors focus their efforts on removing the subluxation of the spine, allowing the body’s innate intelligence to flow unblocked through the nervous system.  “Innate” is our body’s in-born ability to be well.  It is the intelligence that organizes our functioning.  Take for instance growth.  No one teaches us how to grow older or taller, and yet we all do it.  If you break your arm, a doctor will reset the bones and put a cast on you, but your body will actually do the healing.  That is what innate intelligence is.  Chiropractors say that innate is controlled by your brain and is communicated to the body through your spinal cord and peripheral nervous system.  Therefore when your spine is subluxated (misaligned) the nerves become irritated and therefore their function reduces, resulting in less than optimal performance of whatever body part that nerve supplies.

UC subluxation

= Irritated Nerve = Reduced Function = Dis-Easesubluxation_chart


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