Is it possible that the food we eat and the lifestyle we live have an influence on the severity of COVID 19 once exposed to it? The short and definitive answer is “YES!”

Since the first cases of COVID started showing up in our country data has been collected and analyzed by incredibly talented medical doctors and researchers. The research is somewhat overwhelming for the short amount of time we have been dealing with this plague, and I stand in awe of my medical brethren.

To put it simply, one of the biggest and most lethal determinants of severe COVID reaction and hospitalization is unregulated blood sugar and obesity.

In a recent lecture by Dr. Rob Silverman, author of Inside Out Health, he shared the devastating research now available to the public stating clearly that obesity causes altered regulation of the sites (ACE2) that the Coronavirus attaches to via the spike proteins in cells. This damage makes it easier for the virus to enter the body.

In fact, an increase in visceral fat (the fat around the organs not the “pinch an inch”) by 1 sq decimeter is associated with a 22.53 fold increase risk for ICU admission and a 16.11 fold risk of mechanical ventilation. Upper abdominal circumference for each additional cm shows a 1.13 fold increase risk for ICU admission and a 1.25 fold increase for ventilation. There was no increase risk for subcutaneous fat or BMI. Since 75% of Americans are overweight with 42% being obese, this is a staggering piece of information.

A July 2020 study by Yale showed that increased liver enzymes were associated with poorer outcomes. This is relevant because of the prevalence of diet related Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease in America. The Journal of Cell Metabolism in 2020 demonstrated that well controlled blood sugar resulted in a 98.9% survival rate once contracting the virus, while poorly regulated blood sugar resulted in an 11% death rate.

If the patient is obese they rid their bodies of the virus (shedding) more slowly, they have more inflammatory cytokines in their bodies, and their immune systems respond more slowly…even to the vaccine because there is difficulty producing antibodies.

Americans in general have a very poor, sugar/carbohydrate laden diet, resulting in an epidemic of diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome. To illustrate the effect that sugar has on our health…just 300 calories of sugar within a 2 hour period results in a 50% decrease in immune function making one more vulnerable to the opportunistic Coronavirus.

To reduce the effects and spread of COVID 19 please follow the advice of the CDC, but also make simple lifestyle changes and get your blood sugar and weight under control. It’s never been more important.

Detailed research and sources are available at our office.